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I will host here some programs that I have developed and are not utterly useless, and only marginally stupid. They will mostly be Perl scripts, and will always be free software.

Please use them to your heart's content. You don't need to accept any EULA to use them, nor fill in any registration form, and much less pay anything. It would be great if you sent me an e-mail with your success story, if some program here works for you, but this is not required. It would be even greater if you sent me an e-mail with your failure story if it doesn't work, so that I could (try to) fix the bugs and make them more useful for the world at large.

List of programs

Click in title to go to the page of each program.

This is a LaTeX class file for making DIN A0 size posters.

This program takes a SIESTA .bands file, and outputs .dat and .xmgr files. The former are raw data, suitable for Grace or gnuplot. The latter is a Grace project file.

This program gets host information from BOINC projects. The aim is to follow the time evolution of the fraction of Windows, Linux and Mac computers contributing to the selected projects.

A parallel implementation of arbitrary compression algorithms.

This program adds and/or subtracts two or more GAUSSIAN-type .cube files.

Converts OGG files to MP3 and/or the other way around.

Python Modules
Some helpful modules to use with other scripts I provide in this site.

This program rips CDs to Ogg, querying CDDB to get author, title, etc. tags.

This program solves Sudokus. What? You expected more?

Make a donation

If you find any of these programs useful, consider making a small donation. Be warned that I'll use the money for beer and partying. On the other hand, I'll feel better and might program more. And just making me happy will give you a warm feeling, believe me!

You can click on the following button to make a donation to my PayPal account (the amount is absolutely up to you).