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This is the official page of the free program ChopZip. It is a simple Python script, and I am not a Python expert, so don't expect much from it.

Since ChopZip is free software, you can download, use, modify and redistribute it to your heart's content, with some caveats (see license). If you would like to share your corrections/additions with me, I'd gladly hear of them by e-mail.

What it allegedly does

Basically ChopZip is a wrapper to parallelize different compression algorithms. Currently implemented are: LZMA, gzip, xz and lzip, but any other can be added, almost arbitrarily.

ChopZip uses split to cut the file into pieces, then compresses them with the chosen compressor, and then wraps up the compressed chunks in a suitable way. Various compressors (lzip, xz, gzip) allow for concatenation of compressed files, producing a single valid compressed file. Others (lzma) do not have this feature, so tar is used to generate a single file (not suitable for decompression directly by the original compressor, unfortunately).

ChopZip begun as, a similar project, but limited to LZMA. You can read more about ChopZip in this article at, and about LZMA in this older article.