Python Modules

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Over the time I have made many Python scripts, and have realized that many different programs make use of certain functions many times. These functions can be placed in a central module or library, so that all scripts can access them. This simplifies the maintenance, and makes it easier to have all your programs use the latest version of a given function. On the other hand, it adds a tiny bit of complexity to the usage and "installation" of the software: now a given script depends on some modules to work properly, and you must install them as well.

All the Python modules I publish here are free software, so you can download, use, modify and redistribute them to your heart's content, with some caveats (see license). If you would like to share your corrections/additions with me, I'd gladly hear of them by e-mail.

What the libs allegedly do

These modules are intended to be used with some other programs I distribute in this site, and depend on them. Feel free to write your own programs using these modules, of course. The only problem is that they are (and will probably always be) very poorly documented. Besides, you can probably write better modules yourself! The modules comprise: